8 Unique Streetwear Sweater Outfits on Instagram

You’ve filled your calendar with events, which means only one thing: you now need to choose a fashionable line-up of streetwear sweater outfits to make each of these memories stand out.

Whatever exciting plans you have this year, you’ll want to make sure you’re wrapping up warm as it gets colder (trust me on this one!). Read our ultimate roundup of unique streetwear sweater outfits for more details!

  1. Bold, bright colors

Bold, bright colors

Bold graphics and colors are currently trending in street wear, and I can see why. Colours and unique textures that really stand out can help turn heads towards you for all the right reasons, captivating your next date.

I think this kind of streetwear garment pairs magnificently with plain jeans and sneakers, so why not give this combination a whirl?


  1. The Blue Streetwear Statement

I simply love a blue sweater. Blue isn’t a new color on the market, but electric blue is emerging as one of the hottest fashion trends on our beloved Instagram.

Not only are these kinds of sweaters usually comfy, but they’ll also make you stand out. If you want to look and feel the most relaxed you’ve ever been, I recommend pairing your blue street wear sweater with cargo pants or jeans to dress down your look.


  1. The Athleisure Sweater

Athleisure Sweater

Athleisure. What can I say? My favorite thing about athleisure street wear sweaters is that they are both handy for everyday use and strikingly fashionable. I recommend pairing your sporty sweater with sneakers and some informal shorts or trousers to create an edgy look. White can make you appear particularly striking!


  1. The oversized look

oversized look

The oversized sweater’s popularity is soaring before our very eyes! I love that baggy garments are so comfortable and provide a relaxed fit (yes, I’m wearing one right now!), perfect for casual wear.

I’d usually pair mine with a skirt and knee-high boots to create a cute look or perfect a simple statement with baggy jeans.


  1. Football jersey streetwear

Football jersey streetwear


If you’re a football fan, you may want to try a football-inspired street wear outfit. More and more people have been getting involved with this trend since the latest World Cup.

Since football dominates the world, this trend looks like it is here to stay. Grab a football sweater of your choice and pair it with baggy jeans and a baseball cap for added effect.


  1. Preppy Streetwear Signature

Preppy Streetwear Signature

As time goes on, collegiate themes have started to emerge in the street wear market, and big brands have even started getting involved in preppy sweater collections.

Whether you want to experiment with a sweater vest, polo, varsity jacket, or loafers, this style can cater to all tastes.

The thing I love about the preppy outfit above is how cosy the high-quality sweater is, its strikingly striped cuffs, and how well it matches with the pleated skirt.


  1. The Checked Retro One

The Checked Retro One


There’s nothing quite like making a retro statement with a checked streetwear sweater. Getting an oversized sweater like this can ensure it suits all different body types and still look captivating.

Comfortable, freeing, and effortless to style, I love how this sweater immediately draws the eye. I’ve experimented with sneakers, which seemed to work well with the colour scheme and can make you look like a boss.


  1. The Funky Muppet

The Funky Muppet

Who doesn’t love the muppets? This muppet streetwear sweater is one of the most unique I’ve seen on the market. The muppets continue to trend and don’t show any signs of disappearing just yet (yes, I will be watching A Muppet’s Christmas Carol again!).

The thing I love about this sweater is its ability to be comfortable, one-of-a-kind, and spark endless conversations. By pairing your sweater with denim jeans, you can rock a casual streetwear outfit oozing with practicality.