Web Survey – A Complete Guide

What Is a Web Survey?

A survey is a method of collecting data from a group of people- known as sample data- to know more about the varied needs of the people from which the information was collected.

Web surveys, also known as internet or online or worldwide web surveys, are data collection methods in which surveys or questionnaires are sent to a group of people via the internet. They may respond to the survey via the internet.

Web surveys have many advantages over other survey methods like door-to-door visits or on-site market surveys, including lower costs. As internet facility is available across millions, it has a vast scope. Thus, conducting a web survey is easy, especially with the availability of in-built survey software suites.

An example of an online survey is a company asking its employees about the recently installed editing software review or a company asking its customers to rate its services based on a niche of custom-made questions.

Example of  Customer Online Web Survey –



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The objective of the Web Survey –

A web survey aims to gather real-time feedback from the user or customers so that any company or organization comes to know about the honest feedback from their customers so that the company can improve the products and services by doing web surveys.

Nowadays, all companies are using online surveys to collect suggestions and genuine feedback from their users, enabling the companies to make the right decision and improve the efficiency of their services.


Different Methods of Conducting a Web Survey – 

1. Survey through emails: One of the most effective ways to deliver a web survey is through email. All it requires is a vital internet facility and a laptop. This is one of the well-organized methods for gathering survey answers.

2. Survey  through Social media:

These days, one of the most common ways to distribute a web online survey is to post it on social media sites like YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. This is also simple to do since it usually only takes one press.

3. Survey through SMS:

An SMS survey is another powerful way to distribute the survey. This distribution method works well when there are a large number of contacts in a single geographic area. The process of setting up is easy and provides real-time responses.

For example, a supermarket wants to conduct market research about customer purchasing behavior, so in this case, they will send an email to their customer, or they will ask their customer to participate in the survey on their official website.

There will be so many questions related to their recent shopping experience that needs to be answered by the customer, and they need to submit it to the company many companies provide rewards for participating in the survey so that it will encourage more customer to participate in the survey and they can get more accurate data.

Advantages of Web Survey –

  1. Fast way to reach the target audience.
  2. Real-Time Data
  3. Cost-effective and less time consuming
  4. Less Possibility of error
  5. Respondents are more realistic

Conducting an online web survey is similar to the erstwhile survey emails sent out, which were very time-consuming, except now using the web platform makes the job a lot easier, far-reaching, and faster to complete.