Women In IT Industry Survey

Woman in IT Industry Survey Guide

Women In IT Survey has been done to find the factors, opportunities, and challenges available in this industry for women. First and foremost, we would like to thank our country’s open hearts for their cooperation with the research team. 

Despite everyday awareness raised by policies, services, and even law, the role of women in the country’s economic and development sector remains largely unfamiliar.

The survey looked at all stages of life. It examined all related health and social aspects (for example, education, health, reproductive health, empowerment, violence against women, elderly needs, adolescent desires, men’s perceptions of women’s issues in the IT Industry).

The objective of Women in IT Department Survey –

The objective of this survey is to provide detailed and inclusive data on women in the IT sector. This survey aims to learn what working women think and feel about their careers, employment, and workplaces. We hope to uncover some relevant trends to women in a ground-up, impartial manner by exploring the voices of a reasonable-sized sample of women from a variety of sources.

Essential Factors of Making Career for Women In IT Department – 

The following factors that participants accept that are most important while making a career in IT for women are mentioned below – 

  1. Interest in IT Technology
  2. Logical Mind
  3. Common Sense
  4. General Computer Skills


Above mentioned points are the main factors that play an essential role for women in making a career in the Information Technology department.

 Let’s take a look at the Questions we asked the various empowered woman in IT.


1.Is there a diversity policy in place at the company? 

The policy makes the woman feel that they belong to a particular place, that they feel needed.

Answer: About 65 percent of women employed in large corporations said yes. Around 30% of women from smaller organizations said yes.

2. Do we need more female technologists in IT?

Research shows that a company that believes in gender diversity has a better working environment for all. Female employees acting as leaders can make better decisions and can improve the technology in IT Industry.

So the answer is a resounding YES! We do need more female technologists in IT Department.

3.  How simple or complex do you believe it is for women to return to an IT job after a break?

According to the survey, 65 percent of female participants believe it is difficult for women to return to an IT job after a career break, compared to 38 percent of male participants.

Fact: Companies who offer Maternity Leave to a woman on break perform better and retain experienced employees for a longer time.

Key Finding of the Survey –

  1. The IT Subjects should be included in the school syllabus to encourage more female students to this profession.
  2. We should encourage girls to study Information Technology at school.

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Career advise for young women who wants to join the IT profession –

  • Consider a summer apprenticeship or work experience in the IT sector, as there are several different roles to choose from.
  • Be flexible
  • Then only suits your skills, hone them
  • Decide which area of IT you would like to work in
  • Gain experience

In this ever-changing industry, it’s always best to forge ahead and gain some experience before making a decision, so you can get a sense of the wide variety of roles available and tailor your educational path accordingly.

Conclusion –

Women has better future in the IT profession

With the help of this survey, we found that the IT profession would be more beneficial by having more women working in the IT department as women are having all the abilities and qualities for making a career in the IT industry.

According to this survey, it is found that women can bring better results while working in the IT Department.

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